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2023-2024 Southern Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Southern Academic Catalog

Tuition, Fees, and Refunds

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are established annually by the Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College (Southern) Board of Governors.  Considerable effort is made to keep increases at a minimum.

The current Tuition and Fee schedule is available here. This page includes the current tuition, mandatory fees, program fees, textbook fee, and any special fees. Supplies and examination expenses are paid separately from the student’s Southern account.  Students should consult their academic department for an estimate of these costs.


Payment of Tuition and Fees

Students should be prepared to pay all tuition and fees through direct payment, financial aid, or third-party sponsor to complete registration.  Payment information can be found here.  Direct payment may be made by cash, certified/cashier’s check, money order, or credit card.  Southern offers payment plans to students.  Check with the Bursar’s Office for more information on the payment plans that are available.  Information on payments plans can be found here.  Credit/debit card payments may be made online through mySouthern. 
Personal checks, Certified/cashier’s checks or money orders should be made payable to Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College. All payments sent by mail should include the student’s name and S number.


Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College refunds are processed through the Bursar’s Office and are direct deposited through BankMobile. All payments must be reflected on a student’s account before a refund can be processed. Refund requests should be addressed to the Bursar’s Office. Students are responsible for notifying Southern of a change of address. This may be done in the Student Records Office on any Campus.

The current refund schedule for the academic year is posted on Southern’s website here.

Refund policy


A student qualifies for a full refund (100%) of tuition and fees if they drop any or all of their courses prior to the start of classes for the semester/term. If the College cancels a class, the student will receive of the tuition and fees associated with the class, unless the student registers for another class of the same value in the academic hours and fees.

A student who officially withdraws from college (i.e., withdraws from all classes) through the Registrar’s Office or is administratively withdrawn from college prior to completing 50% of a semester, is entitled to a partial refund of that semester’s tuition/fees. Refund amounts are calculated to the day based on the number of calendar days which have elapsed from the first day of class to the date of withdrawal. The date of withdrawal is the actual date the student notifies the Registrar’s Office of withdrawal. Any student who withdraws at any point during the semester is advised to consult with the Cashiers Office to determine whether there is a balance owing or a refund due.

For a student receiving federal and/or state financial aid who withdraws before completion of 60% of the semester, the amount of federal and/or state financial aid earned will be calculated to the day according to the same formula. Unearned financial aid must be returned. When aid is returned, the student may owe a balance to the College, to the US Department of Education, or to both. Any student receiving financial aid should contact the Financial Aid Office before withdrawing from college or reducing the number of hours enrolled to determine the impact of these actions on his or her financial aid status.

Should a student satisfy the financial obligation after the “Drop for Non-Payment” process, notification will be made to the Office of the Registrar.  The Registrar shall have discretion to approve or disapprove registration reinstatement requests.

Exceptions to this policy resulting from extenuating circumstances must be approved by Chief Finance Officer or his/her designee before a refund may be processed.



Delinquent Accounts

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College will not issue a degree, transcript, or a grade report to any student who has a delinquent account. A delinquent student will not be readmitted to the college until all balance due is paid or the student has setup a payment plan with the Bursar’s Office for the unpaid balances.

Students with a delinquent account may be reported to a state-authorized collection agency, and the student may be responsible for any collection costs incurred by the College unless covered by VA Post 9-11 (Chapter 33) and Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (Chapter 31) education benefits.



Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College has partnered with Barnes and Noble to provide our students both a physical and online bookstore.  The physical location will be on the Logan Campus.  Southern will be implementing in the Fall 2022 semester, Barnes and Noble’s First Day Complete Program.  This program will be called Blue’s Book Bundle.  With this program, students will automatically receive their course materials (textbooks, study guides, workbooks, lab manuals,  and access codes) on or before classes begin. 

Students will be charged a Textbook Fee.  The Textbook Fee will be assessed direct to the student’s account.  Those students who do not want to participate in the Blue’s BookBundle program will have the option to opt-out of the program.  Those that opt-out will have the Textbook Fee removed from their student account.  Those who choose to opt-out will be responsible for acquiring their own textbooks and course materials.  More information about the textbook program and information on how to Opt-Out of the BookBundle program is available here.